from Patty, February 2

As I mentioned in my earlier entry, we didn’t always have success with each cycle while we were undergoing our IVF treatments.  We first began treatment with an IVF doctor that was recommended by Jim’s urologist.  We remained under his care for a few years, taking small steps along the course of treatment.  We were later told all patients started at “Point A,” and progressed as far along the course until treatment was either successful, or discontinued.  We were spending upwards of several hundred dollars a month, on such things as ovulation predictors, medications and procedures, without seeing any results.  It was after one of these failed treatments that I became over-stimulated from the medications, and was home on bed rest.

I wouldn’t always read the morning newspaper, but when you’re on bed rest, you are looking for something to fill the time!  I got into the habit of perusing The Hartford Courant, and saw that  New Britain General Hospital was holding an Open House to welcome a new infertility doctor to their staff.  He was Dr. Claudio Benadiva.  That night I showed this to Jim, and we decided we would attend to hear what treatments were available.  It was here we first heard about ICSI.  Once I heard this, I had a feeling it would work for us.  Jim’s sperm had a low motility rate, and the fact that it had been frozen and thawed just compounded matters.  We spoke to Dr. Benadiva briefly after the presentation, and he said we were perfect candidates for this course of treatment.  He suggested we schedule an appointment for a consultation.  This all came about in the summer and fall of 1995.


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