The true pain of infertility can be forgotten once the child arrives

This week I had planned to write about my first IVF; however, I went to an infertility Bible study and realized I had forgotten just how painful infertility can be. Me forget? How could I after all I have gone through, but it is true. I remember all the days I spent crying and the many times I wanted to stay in bed and just pull the covers over my head and not get up; but what I had forgotten is how very deep the pain is embedded until motherhood is achieved. Now that I am a mother, thanks to many, but especially Patty & Jim Cassidy, the very painful memories from infertility are no longer a wound, just a scar. I am so thankful to the women in the Sheltering Tree Fertility Support  group for reminding me how deep the pain is when you are in the moment.

So today I want to challenge those who have extra embryos to go and visit a fertility support group in your area and really listen to those women who are currently experiencing infertility. Like me, you may think you remember what it is like, but have forgotten what a tragedy it can be going through infertility. Those of you who have “extra” embryos can be the answer to such unspeakable heartache.  So please take this challenge and see who really benefits in the end.  Just ask Patty!

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