Connecticut here we come!

Since we decided to visit the Cassidy family, I have been thinking about what we are going take. We are having pictures made and attending a large family dinner in which I want us all to look our best. Our suitcases have been packed on the bedroom floor for several weeks. I have taken things in and out, so now the children are also subtracting and adding items as they see fit too. This will be the twins first plane ride, so I got them a toy plane and have been talking to them about our trip.

Several of my friends have wondered what the Cassidy family will have their boys call my children, if they will refer to them as brother and sister. I talked with Patty about this on our first visit, but I do not remember what she said. I will tell my children that they are biologically a brother and sister to the Cassidy boys, but the relationship is more like a cousin. They all look so much alike, there is no way around the fact that they are related! I am sure I will get lots of questions as they get older and I just pray that I am truthful and respectful in all my responses.

It was so nice for me to read Patty’s blog entry today. I started crying it was so touching. It is so reassuring for me to know that they think we are good parents. It had crossed my mind that I need to make sure I wash the children’s hands every time they eat and other such things so they do not make a mental list of all we are doing wrong. I did not think they would do that, but there is always that fear in the back of my mind. Since my mom has been placed in the hospital I have not thought about what I am taking on the trip or have any worry at all about the whole experience. I realize that we love the children with our whole hearts and that we do the best we can and that is that. My thoughts have been more wrapped up with my mother and her health. This trip now means more to me than it did several weeks ago. It will be a time for me to take a breath and really enjoy spending time with my family and not having everyday events distract me. This will be a time of renewal and fellowship. Connecticut here we come!


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