Everything came together at the last minute in our preparations for the Baileys’ arrival. The baker’s rack (for the new towels) arrived that morning, and the carpeting for the stairs was to be installed that afternoon. Now all I needed was them to arrive. Despite the fact that I missed the exit for the airport and was late picking them up, the visit has been a great success. I was a little worried how it would be to have someone actually staying with us in our home, but it has been just fine. You would think that we do this all the time. It’s as if we’ve picked up where we left off months ago from our first visit.

Julian and Natalie seemed to remember us, and they quickly began to explore the house and play with the toys. Chad’s room quickly became the “place to be,” what with all the toys. Once the stairs to the cellar were done and they were shown the playroom, they quickly realized they had hit the mother lode of toys, and kept heading for the downstairs.

We have already had a playdate on the swingset, and we are now getting ready for our next adventure. Life is good.


One thought on “LIFE IS GOOD

  1. I have just discovered this website. I am a mommy who had a son through this process. I am so greatful to see these blogs. I think they will be helpful to so many. Patty, the relationship between your two families is such an inspiration!

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