One of the most exciting parts in the embryo adoption process was selecting our embryos. We chose to do an anonymous adoption and after our May consultation with Dr. Keenan; we were told we would receive profiles near the end of July after the July transfer cycle was completed. I had spent that last two years praying for God’s will for our lives and for guidance for our future family. Once we started the adoption process I was praying for our “popsicle” babies that my mom lovingly called her “grandsicles”. We didn’t know where they would come from or anything about their biological families at this point, but I knew that God knew and He would keep them safe and prepare our hearts for them.

On July 31, 2009, at 4:30 in the afternoon, I received an e-fax from the now familiar area code and my heart leaped because I knew what it was. Contained in that fax were 40 donor profiles and I couldn’t wait to get home to print them out. The profiles contained basic physical information about the genetic parents as well as education, career, ethnicity, and national origin. I had no idea we would have so many to pick from and felt overwhelmed at the responsibility that was before us. How do you pick one and dismiss another?

That night we looked through the profiles just to get an idea of what we were looking at and discussed some of the things we did or didn’t like about the profiles. Of the 40, there were 4 that were labeled “special consideration embryos.” This was due to some known medical issue with either the biological parents or siblings. We prayerfully began our selection process, picking profiles with similar physical characteristics to our own. One of the special consideration profiles had biological parents with characteristics very similar to Jeremy and me. I researched the issue listed and realized it wasn’t that big of a deal so we put them back in the stack and continued to narrow our list. The next day we had narrowed the field of 40 to 8 profiles. This included a favorite we called “the giants” because the biological parents were extremely tall. We left for church that Saturday with the profiles laid out across our coffee table and said we needed to pray some more.

At the end of our worship service we were singing the song “Overcome” and I was overwhelmed with emotion. Very clearly I saw a profile and knew God was placing this one on my heart. God was telling me that no matter what, with Him, we would overcome. I knew which babies were to be ours! We walked out of service and as we moved across the parking lot, I looked at Jeremy and said I knew which ones we were supposed to pick. He looked at me and said “the ones with the heart.” He also knew. See, the “special consideration” profile, which wasn’t at the top of our short list, were listed as such because of siblings born with history of Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) otherwise known as a hole in the heart. We came home and quickly put the other seven profiles away and started staring at the sheet of paper listing only basic physical characteristics, but to us, this represented our children. We soon received the full medical history and with no concerns, we confirmed we wanted these little guys. Within the next few days it was confirmed that profile #1200 with 13 embryos was now ours.

One thought on “GRANDSICLES

  1. well…I just boo.hoo.ed over your story…lovely; prayerful; special…YOU ARE special! Love you both and am sooooo happy for you/yours.
    Jen 🙂

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