Friday was the second day of our trip. Brian, Jim, and the Cassidy boys went to the basketball Hall of Fame, while Patty, the twins and I went to a butterfly garden. The drive gave Patty and me an opportunity to talk. I learned about the history of her family and her infertility journey. I then told her that other infertility clinics do embryo adoption, but they are “closed.” I shared with her that a girl I know of, from my infertility support group, adopted embryos from a clinic. She is pregnant with twin boys and I will be attending her shower later this month.

We both discussed how happy we were that we had both chosen open adoption. She said she had chosen open for medical reasons and had not expected the relationship to develop into the friendship that we now have. I had chosen open because I thought that if I had been an adopted embryo I would want to know my biological history with unlimited access.

I had unfounded fears about having an open relationship; however, I felt that being a mother is doing what is best for your child even if it may not be the best for you. It has turned out that doing what I think is the right thing for my children has also been a blessing for me.


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