I drink a lot of water. I don’t go anywhere without my water bottle. Not only is this a good general health practice, I also have had a history of dehydration resulting loss of consciousness. As a result, frequent trips to the bathroom are just a part of being me. When I got pregnant I figured I was already used to my frequent bathroom trips, so how much more could I really go? Turns out…quite a bit.
Recently, my manager asked me to put together a walking program and research pedometers for our department. I designed a challenge to have our group walk from Louisville to New Orleans this year. Everyone would get a pedometer to wear daily and earn prizes for reaching checkpoint cities by certain dates. The pedometer I found is the most accurate pedometer I’ve ever worn…meaning I don’t earn steps by spinning around in my office chair.
This pedometer tells me that from my desk it is 140 steps round trip to and from the bathroom. It also tells me that it’s not uncommon for me to walk up to 1.9 miles during my time in the office…and a majority of that is racked up on my bathroom visits. Many people think I’m “on their same schedule” as we see each other in the bathroom. What they don’t realize is that I’m on everyone’s schedules!
I’ve learned that I can no longer spend 30 minutes on the elliptical machine because I have to keep getting off to run to the bathroom. I’ve also learned that when I walk in my neighborhood, it’s best to take laps so when I pass my house I can waddle in for a quick pit stop. Yoga has become entertaining as each week I discover another pose that doesn’t quite work the way it used to and getting my hands to my feet isn’t very graceful anymore. I’ve started warning my new students that yoga won’t make them look like Buddha and not to worry if I have to run out of the class for a minute. Swimming seems to be the best exercise because it allows my belly to hang which gives my bladder a much-needed reprieve from all the kicks and jabs it’s currently enduring. So, swimming it is…no matter how frightening I may look in my maternity racing suit.

That’s me instructing yoga on Monday night.  Straddle splits is one of the few poses where my belly doesn’t interfere and still feels good.

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