Sunday, we were all exhausted from the big party on Saturday, so we had to run around quickly to get ready for church. Patty teaches children’s church so all the children, except Joel, went with her. The twins enjoyed playing with all the new toys and did quite well until story time. Natalie started to fuss, so I took her out and we walked around the church. In the sanctuary they were singing, so Natalie calmed down and listened to the music. Jim saw us and led us to where they were sitting. I was a bit nervous about us sitting there since Natalie had never sat through a church service; but, she behaved beautifully and I was very proud of her!

Once we got to their house the twins went down for their nap, the boys went out on the pond in a boat, while Patty and I got ready for our pictures later that afternoon. The pictures turned out well, even with Natalie and Julian trying so hard to squirm their way out!

Then it was off to supper at The Rain Forest Café. What a fun place that is! The kids just loved it. When the thunderstorm started, Natalie just held on to me for dear life! She soon realized that she was safe and the big gorillas were not going to attack her. Natalie then laughed at the gorillas playing in the band! Not only was the Rain Forest Café a great place for the kids, but the food was actually good too! We all had a great time. The meal was topped off with Chad getting a volcano chocolate cake. A perfect ending to another wonderful day!

Later that night when all the children were in bed, Brian helped Patty join Facebook. Brian just loves Facebook and thinks everyone should be on it too. It is a great way to communicate to lots of people at one time. I had asked most of my Facebook friends to become fans of the NEDC and many did! That way you can see at a glance what the latest news is at the NEDC. Since my Mom has been in the hospital, I have used it as a way to request prayer for her and update people on her status. Now that Patty is on Facebook, she can become hooked like the rest of us!

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