The good news is that I’m still a good crock-pot and these babies show no signs of coming right away. The bad news is that I finally exceeded my freshman year of college weight. I knew the day would come…at least this time the weight distribution is a bit different. I’m front loaded now instead of all over fat. The other bad news is that, according to my doctor, the babies are still “very breech”. Thank you, Captain Obvious; I hadn’t noticed the heads crammed into my rib cage. At 32 weeks, it’s getting less likely that they are going to turn. They seem quite content with their high position in my belly. I go to the doctor weekly now for checkups and have the pleasure of a weekly non-stress test at the hospital, where both babies are hooked up to monitors for about 30 minutes to make sure their heart rates are appropriately reactive when they wiggle around.

As we enter the home stretch on this pregnancy, I reflect back on when we started the process. In the beginning, I only told a small group of trusted people what we were doing. This was mainly in part to the fact that it brought up a lot of questions that I didn’t want to answer at the time, specifically, the reason why we were going this route. Didn’t we want to try IVF for our “own” children? Not really. I don’t view having biological children as the only way to become a parent, nor is there anything in me that says these babies aren’t ours. I bet you would get the same answer from other adoptive parents, whether they adopted the traditional way or through embryo adoption. I also didn’t want to share in the beginning because there were no guarantees that this would work and I didn’t want to have to deal with those questions or comments. Infertility sucks enough as it is!

Once we went public with our pregnancy, I slowly began to tell more people about our popsicle babies. I’ve obviously gotten much more comfortable with sharing our story. The first time I posted on Facebook about it, I was a little hesitant, but quickly got over those feelings. The more people who know about this option for building their families, the more babies we can get out of the freezer. I decided that each time a new NEDC blog is posted on Facebook, I will post it straight to my page. We have nothing to hide or to be ashamed of, plus it’s a good way for those who didn’t know our journey to learn about what we went through without me having to tell the story 100 times. We will continue to share our story and one day tell our babies the story of how they became ours. I can see them really messing with a teacher’s head when they tell him or her that they were frozen for seven years!


One thought on “TALK ABOUT IT

  1. My husband and I are in the adoption process right now. Lord willing, we will have our FET in the NEDC July cycle. Unlike you, though,…We have told everyone about it! Mostly because of our excitement and also to raise an awareness for these unborn children. But, if none of our embies survive, it will be hard to tell everyone. We’re just continuing to trust the Lord through this journey!

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