What a wonderful day my family and I had. The weather was about 66 degrees and sunny, a perfect day for a birthday party! The Easter Bunny stopped by and many children thanked him for all the wonderful treats he left them a few weeks ago. Everyone got their picture made with him and we hunted eggs too!

This was all planned for the day before Easter (April 3); however, that was canceled due to my Mother’s death. I was not sure if I should still go with the Easter theme, but decided to after a friend told me that the kids would not get in the car and say, “Can you believe she gave us Easter toys after Easter?”

The twins enjoyed swinging, sliding and running around. Natalie did not stay still long enough to open all her gifts, so Julian had the pleasure of opening several of hers. They both found many eggs and everyone seemed to have a great time. One thing everyone loved was the cake. A good friend of mine made their cake as a gift and it was a hit! I had two helpings myself and I think other people did as well.

Unfortunately, the party ended on a bad note with my Mother-in-law falling on the pool cover and chipping her tooth. Apparently, last year my Mother fell at the twin’s party, too. Next year we will have to have their party someplace safer! Now I am off to have another piece of cake before bed.

(photos to follow soon!)


2 thoughts on “TWINS’ BIRTHDAY PARTY

  1. Hey Marti,

    Don’t you know your supposed to save the cake to eat for breakfast? That’s what the boys do. It sounds like Natalie & Julian has a wonderful birthday party. I’m sorry we missed it, but maybe next year. I hope Brian’s Mom is alright.


  2. I will have to give them some cake after they eat their fruit and yogurt tomrrow morning. We had 2 cakes, so we have lots of cake!

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