Last week I took the twins for their two year check up. They always weigh and measure them then give their percentage. I would always call and tell my Mom and she would be so excited to hear about how much they have grown. Unfortunately, I did not feel that anyone I talked with seemed to be as excited as my Mom was. No one will ever take the place of a Mother’s love or her excitement over her grandkids.

Later that night I called Jim and Patty and told them that Natalie weighs 24.2 lb( 17%), 33.5 inches long (47%) and head circumference (69%); then Julian is 26.14 (35%), 33.75 (37%), and head circumference (78%). Patty and I then talked about how her children always had big heads also and if a hat came with an outfit, it would never fit. That is how it was for the twins as well. I told Patty that I tell the doctor that they have big heads to hold their magnificent brains!

Patty has mentioned before that her and Jim’s relationship to Natalie and Julian are like grandparents and I agree with that. It is nice to have that kind of relationship with them. You can never have too many people who love your children. They are quite lovable!


One thought on “STRAIGHT A’s!

  1. Marti,

    It’s funny how you make mention of the “big head” remark in your latest blog. Just last night Jim had to buy Joel a new hitter’s helment for Little League, because the one everyone else wears is too tight! Go figure.


    p.s. Love the Smilebox

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