The last time I wrote I was a crock-pot. Now I’m a mom. We were hoping the babies would continue to cook a little while longer despite my water breaking, but they had other ideas. Not only did their arrival surprise us, but the doctors and nurses as well. I probably went into labor late Friday/early Saturday. However, no one, including the doctors and nurses knew I was in labor. I was having periodic contractions on Friday, but nothing too intense. Early Saturday morning, I was having a lot of lower back pain and cramps, which the staff attributed to the antibiotics I was on to stopping me up and loaded me up on Mirilax and prune juice. My elimination issues only got worse as Saturday wore on and I was not a happy camper. Still, the monitors didn’t indicate labor, although I was relatively miserable. (Jeremy says they can no longer trust my subjective rating of a 6 on the pain scale – after the fact, I would rate it as a 12 – I figured if I wasn’t in labor that labor pain would actually be worse, so I didn’t want to top out early). I had multiple catheters to relieve my bladder and my doctor thought I was just tense, so he gave me something to relax me. It didn’t work. At 6:45 p.m. on Saturday, my nurse, Elizabeth, was going to give me another catheter when she asked the last time my cervix had been checked. Thursday morning was the answer. She thought something just didn’t seem right and decided to check me. I couldn’t see her face, but I heard the tone in her voice as she told the aid to get Mandy, another nurse. Mandy said something about that being a baby butt and said to call the doctor, who agreed that what they were feeling was a baby butt. “We’re going to have some babies!” is what I heard. So, I had a baby blocking all my exits, which explained everything! Soon I was being wheeled off to the OR. Jeremy was calling our parents to say the babies were coming and called my Aunt Lynne who works at the hospital and was going to be with us for the c-section. She was on the riverfront with 750,000 of her closest friends for Thunder Over Louisville fireworks show and began a sprint to the hospital.

The next hour was a blur, but life got a lot better as soon as my lower body went numb with the epidural…RELIEF!! Jeremy finally got to come in, all in surgery garb, and Lynne made it just in time. She was panting, but she made it. The two doctors cutting me open were discussing their golf game among other things, but soon I felt them lift Grant from my belly. He wasn’t crying too much, but Maria sure made up for it. She was wailing and I took a deep breath for the first time in about two months. Her screams were music to my ears. Grant needed a little help, but soon decided to get in on the action. I got to see my babies in little wrapped up burrito bundles before they were taken to the NICU for further evaluation. I was sewn up and was taken to recovery where I got to see digital pictures of the babies for the first time. What pretty babies!

Everything was a bit surreal and still is. My labor and delivery have been the talk of the unit, and now I can laugh about it (sort of). The hard part is that the babies are in the transitional care unit so we can’t be with them all the time like we want to be. Being born at 32 weeks and 5 days means they aren’t coordinated enough to suck, swallow and breath at the same time, which means they are eating through a tube until they are able to coordinate. They both pulled out their oxygen within a couple of hours of birth…I like how feisty they are. I keep telling them that the quicker they gain some weight and get coordinated they faster we can break them out of there. As for me, I can see my feet again when I stand up, which is cool and I will never take being able to pee for granted again.

So, we welcomed Grant Louis and Maria Isabel to the world on April 17, 2010 at 8:09 and 8:10 p.m. It’s a little ahead of our schedule, but we’ll trust God’s plan. Grant tipped the scales at 4 lbs 7 oz and 18 ½ inches long. Maria was 4 lbs 3 oz and 17 inches long. They are doing well. Jeremy is plying me with water and insisting on rest in order to get my milk supply in so the babies can get good “mama juice” and fatten up quicker. We’ve started Kangaroo Care with them and I love getting to feel their warm little bodies. We’re looking forward to the day when we can bring our babies home. We knew parenthood would be an adventure. We just didn’t think it would start out quite so crazy.

Hanging out with Maria

Grant aka Mr. Drama

Grant and Maria after their first bath.

Maria Isabel


12 thoughts on “TA-DA!!

  1. What beautiful babies! I’m glad everything ended on a happy note. Your right about being a parent, you can plan and life happens regardless.



  2. Oh, Jessica! What gorgeous babies! You told your story so well in the blog. I love how you can see their individual personalities already. Are the Kosko grandparents about to burst with pride and excitement yet? Congratulations to you and your husband. Bev

  3. Congratulations! It is so good that they are breathing on their own and just waiting for some plumping! The NICU stay is hard and I hope it goes by fast for you.

  4. Jess–thanks for sharing your pregnancy/birth with us. Not being able to produce babies from my own body, I really appreciate that you shared your private moments with me. God bless you and your new family.

  5. I am so happy for you all. You are in my prayers. We know all too well about the NICU and hope their stay is short.


  6. Oh Jessica, I am so happy for you! I pray your Grant and Maria get to come home with their Mommy & Daddy soon. Oh, them sweet little tiny wee-ones. Christina has the scoop on the healing process for C-sections, shes had 3 so far, and working on her next one. God Bless you Girl and take care.

  7. Jessica, Beautiful babies and such an exciting and surprising story! We will pray for you all to have those babies home quickly. I can’t wait to meet them in a few months when they are ready to come to the nursery. Good luck to a speedy recovery for you and weight gain for Grant and Maria!

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