What a difference seven months makes!

Our babies were born seven months to the day after their transfer. For months, I had a feeling about May 17. I had the 17th right, just the wrong month. It’s truly awesome that those tiny little embryos formed into perfect little babies.

Our stay in the NICU has given us an opportunity to share about embryo adoption with the staff. For most, our babies are the first adopted embryos of which they have ever heard. One nurse and I talked for a long time about it and she was amazed. She and her husband struggled with infertility for 16 years before adopting internationally 11 years ago. When they were going through their struggles embryo adoption wasn’t a readily available option, but she said it’s something she wishes they had known about. Hopefully Grant and Maria can be a testament to others on how precious life is from the very beginning.

I’m happy to report they are doing well. Grant is off his NG feeding tube and both are off their IVs. Maria is still a little sluggish eating, which is normal for her gestational age. I’m hoping we can get them graduated to open cribs sometime this week, which means they are maintaining their temperatures.

The nurses have realized that we aren’t cracked-out bums and let us come in and handle the babies without assistance. We’ve gotten used to all the buzzes and beeping around us and know what all the different noises mean. Maria still drops her heart rate on occasion and we know just to give her a good firm pat on the back to help her remember to breathe. She’s not allowed not to breathe!
As for Jeremy and me, we are adapting to our routine of hospital visits; my pumping schedule and naps where we can find them. I’m recovering well from my c-section and have lost all but 3.5 pounds of my pregnancy weight. I’ll attribute my rapid loss to nursing and staying active while pregnant. It’s great to have ankles again!

For the time being we will pray for new milestones and look forward to bringing them home as soon as possible.

5 thoughts on “TEACHING BY EXAMPLE

  1. What a showering of BLESSINGS AND MIRACLES! I’ve truly enjoyed the recent blogs that Babs has shared. Some day I want to read your whole journal. If someone cannot look at these babies and see that life has begun when you can’t even see it, they surely would not be pro choice! I feel so amazed by your entire experience that I can’t even imagine how BOTH of you feel. Surely you’ve returned blessings to God by giving life to Hank & Maria. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !
    Hank & Maria’s blessings have only just begun. They have godly parents giving them life and loving protection from their transfer to birth!
    Excited for all of you…Pat Ray

  2. Jessica, just wanted to say congratulations to you both for your precious little miracles. In case you don’t remember who I am — we worked together in the nursery eons ago!! Babs has been keeping me posted on you pregnancy. God is an awesome God!!

    Charlotte Theiler

  3. um…about the cutest lil’ nippers! Just sayin’!! I’m in awe…it’s all sooo amazing and you are going to be (already are!) wonderful; attentive parents. God is amazing, eh???…and his fingerprints are all over their unique; precious lives!

  4. Congrats to all!!! Now you can put all those years of nursery service to work at home too! It’s so wonderful that you had embryonic adoption as an option. I pray many others will do the same! Blessings to all!
    Natalie Houchens

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