Prior to last week, Jeremy had never changed a diaper. He’d been around our friends’ kids and our nephew, but never ventured into the land of diapers or feeding. I think Grant knew this and decided that it was time to indoctrinate Daddy into the world of baby bodily fluids. The first incident occurred during a feeding. I will say that he was set up for failure when the nurse tried to push their feedings too close together. Second, he didn’t know how important it is to stop and burp during a feeding. After I finished feeding Maria, I left Jeremy and Grant together so I could go pump. When I immerged from the pumping room, Jeremy was standing in the hall with half of his shirt saturated. Grant had exploded all over him. He said our nurse was nowhere to be found, but thankfully another came to his aid to help clean up the disaster area.

The second incident occurred yesterday. He was getting Grant prepared for his feeding, which includes checking his temperature and changing his diaper. All was going well when suddenly I heard what can only be described as squirting. I looked up to see Grant’s legs in the air and poop dripping down the side of the isolette. Jeremy quickly covered Grant so he could finish his business with a little more dignity and our nurse, sensing something was amiss, arrived to assist in the cleanup efforts. Jeremy said everything was going well until he applied Grant’s Magic Butt Paste to his red butt. This was just enough stimulation to have Grant let loose. I can say that this was the best laugh I have had in the last ten days, and it was much needed!

Jeremy has officially been indoctrinated into parenthood. These incidents may have been his first contact with baby bodily fluids, but will certainly not be the last.

Grant looking a little embarrassed after his episode.

Maria not too sure about the strawberry hat.


  1. Jess your babies are just the prettiest things I have every seen! Will keep praying they will be home with you soon.

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