The following is a public service announcement. There are two comments you should not say to a parent who has premature babies in the NICU.

1. “Enjoy your rest while you can.” Really? Is having a child in the hospital a restful situation? Is running back and forth to the hospital restful? Is the stress of not knowing when your children will be home restful? No, no, and no.

2. “I bet you are glad you aren’t pregnant anymore.” What? While I can’t deny that, physically, I’m no longer in a ton of discomfort, I would much rather still be uncomfortable with my babies still cooking than have my children away from me. Plus, all the post partum changes that occur are no picnic, either. You don’t have to wait for menopause for hot flashes and night sweats.

Please, if you know someone who has a child in the hospital or who has babies early, please remove these comments from your brain. I understand they mean well and are trying to say something comforting, but sometimes it’s better to say nothing at all.

Now that I have that off my chest, I’m happy to report that Grant and Maria are doing well. Our nurse said they might move into open cribs tomorrow, which means they are maintaining their temperatures properly. Grant has exceeded the five pound mark and has outgrown his preemie clothes. Maria is 4 ½ pounds now and eating like a champ. Both are close to being off the NG tubes. I’m sure they will both be happy to have those things from out of their noses. They are both pretty proficient at pulling them out, so we have to use lots of tape to keep them locked down. Jeremy has nicknamed Grant “the shooter” because of his amazing range with his projectile poo. Maria is much too refined for such antics.

We still don’t have a projected homecoming date and likely won’t until just a couple of days out. I’ve watched several get to leave and others get homecoming dates only to have setbacks and earn more NICU time. We have learned that you don’t tell the babies about going home because, according to the nurses, they get so excited that they hold their breath thus earning more days in the NICU. Instead, they tell the babies they are going to the zoo. So, we’re praying for a zoo trip!


3 thoughts on “HOLD THAT THOUGHT

  1. Grant looks so happy and content…that Maria looks like a pistol…and you, my dear, look like a natural…what precious bundles/blessings in your lives…enjoy every little minute…

  2. Reading your blog reminds me of our time in the NICU also. I had the first comment also. How can you be resting when you are pumping every 2 hours? In my case I also had a catheter attached to me to make it impossible to be resting! Then making trips to the hospital and the constant worry of your children’s health does not make this a restful time! You all are in my prayers and Happy Mother’s Day!

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