What a wonderful weekend my family and I have had. It started on Friday at 10:40 am with my braces being taken off!!! Then we drove to Johnson City, TN for a graduation and Mother’s Day. As soon as we got there we went swimming in the hotel pool. Julian just loved it! Natalie enjoyed throwing the toys in and running around the pool, not so much being in the pool.

That night we went to dinner with Brian’s family and got to watch the kids run around and play. Natalie & Julian have two cousins from Brian’s twin brother Eric and they had the best time with them. Once we were done eating we met our friends back at the hotel pool for more fun and games. Natalie once again did not want to get in, but enjoyed throwing the balls in. That night my friend Katina and I got to go out alone for dessert! It has been so nice to spend some time with her family. Since they have moved to Missouri we do not get to see them often. We have been friends with Katina and JT for 11 years and they have always been such a support for us during our infertility journey. They are truly a blessing in our lives.

Saturday morning Brian, JT and their brothers played in a golf tournament. Then I went to see JT graduate with his Masters in Engineering Technology, while the twins stayed with Brian and the grandparents. To celebrate we went to eat at an Italian restaurant which Natalie thoroughly enjoyed. Julian got bored and ran around visiting me and then Daddy, and in doing so fell twice and had to be escorted out of the restaurant for a brief time. There were lots people in for prom and JT informed us that our twins were great “birth control” for them! He is so correct!

Mother’s Day morning started off with Natalie waking up in the night asking for candy! This time I did not ask her what was wrong she just cried and said “candy!” Brian said I sang to her and she went back to sleep. I do not remember singing to her, but anyone would go back to sleep listening to me sing! Then at 7am, Katina, JT, and their two girls got back on the road to head home. We said our goodbyes and then tried to go back to bed. Natalie was running around the room and Julian and I got to cuddle in bed. That was a great start to a wonderful day.

That morning we went to church with Brian’s Mom and Dad and the twins went into the nursery and had a lovely time. The church had special guests, the Wesley Singers, from Tennessee Tech University , and they were outstanding. They sang several songs, but one of them, We Are Not Alone , made me cry remembering my Mother. My mind went back to last Mother’s Day when we took my Mother out to eat and how I would no longer have that privilege. I miss her greatly and always will.

Then we went and took Brian’s Mom out to eat and after lunch we went to their house to let the twins nap. Brian and his Dad went to putt while his Mom and I stayed with the twins. When the twins got up we ate cake and visited for a while and then back to Knoxville we went. After we got home Brian had Natalie bring me the craft they made with their hand prints and Julian brought me my Mother’s Day card. They were so proud to hand me those. It was a priceless moment. What a blessing they will always be to me, thank you God for such a wonderful Mother’s Day.


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