You must have all heard how things tend to happen in threes? Usually this is referring to something bad, but it can be good as well, which is the case here. Some of you may have figured out by reading my last blog entry that I wasn’t exactly looking forward to Mother’s Day this year, primarily because I wasn’t able to spend any time with my family, or so I thought. I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my emails after writing that blog because both my nieces had emailed me earlier in the week to invite me to a Mother’s Day luncheon for my sister and I. (This is why it is a good idea to check emails daily!) All we had to do was show up with bells on. I called my husband on the way to church to tell him about the change in plans, and he said he would be home with Ryan & Joel by the time Mass had ended. Another pleasant surprise; I didn’t think I was going to see them, because I was scheduled to work at 3pm, so I thought I would be just missing them.

Cassie & Maggie made a wonderful spread, from appetizers to dessert. Everything was delicious and it was nice to help and not have to plan and prepare everything.

It was very busy in Labor & Delivery that evening; it seems as if everyone was making a last ditch attempt to join the Mother’s club. We had a few deliveries, and all was good.

Sometimes if you have a little faith, it all takes care of itself.


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