It’s been a weekend of firsts at the Wilson house. Friday we got to bring the babies home. We learned of their potential Friday homecoming on Thursday afternoon. The doctor asked what we thought about going home (of course we thought it was a great idea) and said that if they had a good night and passed the car seat test they could break out. You can imagine our excitement and anxiousness at this prospect. It only took one “event” (heart rate drop, huge spit up, etc) to keep them in the hospital. I cautiously called the hospital Friday morning and was told that everything went well and they were awaiting appointments to the cardiologist and then they would be discharged. We arrived at the hospital at 10:45 and signed a ton of paperwork and returned to our driveway by 12:00. We had two bags full of hospital swag and several doctors appointments scheduled for the next few weeks. It was great to have them home. Our first night was a bit chaotic feeling as the babies were on different feeding schedules. We somehow managed, but at some point in the night, I think we both wondered why the hospital let us have take them home…were we really qualified for this? We didn’t anticipate the level of noise emitting from these kids…not crying, just noise. Jeremy said they sound like they are tuning into some chipmunk mother ship.

Day two was another first as we took them to church for the first time. Our trip wasn’t a total failure as we were successful in making it to the service on time, but we landed in the cry room due to Maria’s grunting and gurgling. I guess she didn’t like the preaching. Mom has offered to watch them this weekend as they are still a bit young for the nursery, plus being preemies they are more susceptible to infection, so we want to let their immune systems get on board a little better before exposing them to a bunch of snotty babies.

We were a bit more strategic on the second night and worked to have them eating within the same hour. It worked and I think we got several solid blocks of sleep. We learned they like to cuddle with us and if they were fussy, but not hungry, pulling one or both into bed worked well to calm them down. We have them sleeping in a little sidecar bed in our room and the proximity is very convenient for nighttime feedings.

We had a much anticipated “Welcome to the Zoo” party with my family on Sunday evening. It included a feast of king crab legs and scallops care of my brother’s recent trip through Alaska. We were out a bit late and realized that getting home early was necessary for Grant and Maria not to be overtired and unreasonable.

All is going well on the Wilson home front. I was hoping to stroll the kids up to the voting booth to have their first civics lesson today, but the weather is looking a bit dubious, so I didn’t risk it. I opted for a 2 minute drive by myself to the voting station. I think the average age of the voters and poll workers is about 106 in my neighborhood. Unlike many in my age group, I hope that Grant and Maria take their civic duty seriously when they are of voting age. For now, we are just thankful that the always horribly timed political phone calls will stop…at least until October.

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