On Mother’s Day weekend we got to visit the Rose family. We had not seen them in many months since they live in Missouri. JT had lost 30lbs in three months, he looks great. JT told us that he has started a fitness program called “P90X.” He is following the program for people who have to lose a lot of weight or want to get back into competitive condition. His workout program consists of working out two hours a day six days a week and I cannot seem to find time to work out at all! Seeing him really motivated me so much that the first week I got back home, I visited Krispy Kreme and ate a massive amount of sweets, not too different from my normal week. Then I started praying about it and this week I have started my own workout program two hours a day.

On Monday I was going to get up at 7am to work out before the kids woke up. That did not happen, since Julian was in our bed sleeping due to being up the night before with gas pain. I decided that after their breakfast I would do one of my videos and they could play in the room. I sat them in their chairs and it worked really well for about five minutes. Then they were up and wanting me to hold them. I tried to encourage them to do it with me, but Julian just attached himself onto my legs and Natalie climbed on my back; all of this while the dogs were licking my face! I gave up and decided to finish it when they went down for nap. I did finish that video of 45 min. and then I did my Bible study. When Brian got home, I then did another video that lasted 30 min. I hoped to do a third one when they went to bed, but I was just too exhausted at that point. So the first day of my workout routine was not quite a success. I was only able to get half of my goal done. Today I have done a 25 min. video and will now go do the 30 min. one as well. If I get the other hour in today will be anyone’s guess!


2 thoughts on “WORKING OUT WITH KIDS

  1. I have the perfect solution to take care of your cravings for sweets & need to workout … walk to Krispy Kreme! I have given up on being fit, why start now?


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