I was thinking about Marti’s latest blog entry regarding personalities the other day, and I have to laugh when I think of that little slip of a girl telling the boys how it will be done already! She it just too cute. It is a good thing Julian has found something to amuse himself with (his passion for cars), because she is busy running the show!

I’ve oftentimes wondered how much of an affect nature has on our personality development vs. nurture. We’d mentioned after we agreed to the open adoption that it would be interesting to see. I see a strong resemblance not only physically between Julian and my boys, but with likes and dislikes as well. Can this be attributed to coincidence, or something more? My husband as well as my boys are drawn to anything fast and motorized.

As for Miss Natalie, she reminds me of my nieces when they were toddlers and young children. They were (and still are) confident in themselves, and would lead the pack despite the activity. Was this confidence a learned behavior, or was it inherent?

I personally think an individual’s personality develops as a combination of the two factors. You have to start with something (nature, i.e. like/interest vs. dislike/aversion) and develop that by pursuing activities and the like to cultivate it. In order to make something, you need to have the ingredients; what you end up with depends on how they are mixed.

Another thought if you want to argue nurture as being the deciding factor. Marti and my sister are very supportive and encouraging in their parenting styles. Could it be this support and encouragement that is the wind beneath their wings?


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