Until this past weekend, I hadn’t exercised since April 12. My last exercise session was a swim that was cut short due to contractions. Other than taking the steps and holding my breath to avoid the smell of urine in the hospital parking garage physical activity was non-existent for me. In the last two weeks, I have started to crave movement, but was leery to do too much because of my incision. I didn’t want to push it too fast and end up blowing a stitch or causing other injury. Plus, the weather around here had been less than cooperative, so getting outside wasn’t really an option. All that changed this weekend. We decided to break out the stroller and give the babies their first taste of the great outdoors.

The temperature was in the 80s and the sun was shining brightly. We live in an area with lots of parks and easy access to walking paths. Saturday morning we loaded the babies into their tandem stroller and hoped they were properly strapped into the monstrosity. Our dog, Charlie, was leashed and pumped to get a walk (he would later change his mind once he realized the distance). The path we chose is three miles round trip with several good hills. I estimate that the stroller, plus car seats, plus kids equals at least 60 pounds, so I was in for a good workout. Less than a half mile from home, it became apparent that it had been almost 6 weeks since I’ve done any cardiovascular activity and we thought about altering our route (actually, I thought about it and Jeremy laughed at my struggle). But, I persevered and we continued forward.

We hit our first hill and I had to really lean into and Jeremy was concerned about my incision. I told him it didn’t hurt and I was going to continue on. Even though I’ve lost more weight than I gained while pregnant, I’m still motivated to get everything toned back up. Any core strength that I once had was obliterated with two babies ripping my abdominal muscles apart. I’ve committed to return to instructing yoga in July, so I need to make sure I can actually complete one of my routines and building back my core and cardiovascular strength will help immensely.

Forty-five minutes after leaving home, we returned to the driveway sweaty and tired. Both babies were thoroughly unimpressed with the adventure as they slept the entire journey. I didn’t blow any stitches and didn’t hurt. It felt great to get moving again. The trip was also successful because we didn’t cause any major accidents. Both of us are extremely fair skinned – me because my brother stole all the pigment from the womb and Jeremy because he’s worked third shift for 4 years and slept while the sun was out. I figured with our extreme paleness that we would have caused passing drivers to be blinded by the light and careen off the road causing mass chaos. Due to the success of the trip, we ventured out again Sunday and will be heading out again today. Cheers to my mental and physical health!

3 thoughts on “BACK IN THE SADDLE

  1. I absolutely love reading your blog. I have come to know you so much more through them. It is great to know all of you are well. It adds a little sunshine to my life. I have gotten teary eyed for you, been scared for you and finally get to laugh with you. Can’t wait until my foot heals so I can see your “wee-ones”! God Bless you Girl and Take care!

  2. Precious babies. I enjoy reading about your life as a new mother of two and seeing the babies grow. I’m so thrilled for you and your family.

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