This weekend we got to keep my niece, Caroline. I remember when Brian and I were trying to have children and Caroline wanted to know why we wanted any since we “had” her! She had a long time to get used to the idea of us having children, so by the time I was pregnant she was very excited. She named the twins “HOPE” and “FAITH” while they were still in my belly. I think she was hoping for two girls, but she sure is happy with them both now.

The best part of the weekend for Caroline was watching Julian eat the fries she gave him at DollyWood. Caroline would hold one out to him and he would try and get it with his mouth. Then when one fell, he said “Get, it, get, it.” He loved them so much he wanted to eat every last fry! Brian and I voted Natalie eating the cherry on the milkshake as our favorite moment this weekend. She had never eaten a cherry on a stem before and she just acted like she knew exactly what she was doing. Once she ate the cherry she used the stem as a spoon to scoop up the whip cream on the shake. She loves whip cream just as much as my Mom did and that is a lot! We had such a great time at DolllyWood and enjoy every moment we get to spend with our twins and Caroline too! We are so blessed that she loves them so much and is so good to them.

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