This past weekend we went to Dollywood again, with the Grandparents. We had intended to go to Splash Country, but the weather was not warm enough. With the Grandparents there, Brian and I got to ride a roller-coaster and a water ride together! Then we all rode the merry-go-round and the train. We had a great day and it is always a pleasure to see how much the children love their Grandparents and how the Grandparents love them as well. Later that day the Grandparents went home and we decided to go on to Splash Country since the weather had warmed up. The twins loved it! We only got to stay an hour and they were not ready to leave. I hope to go back this weekend.

Thinking about how much the twins are loved by all our family, reminds me of our fears when we were first thinking about adoption. We were especially wondering if the child we adopted would be loved and treated the same as if we had our own biological child. I think this is a common fear for everyone who is going through the adoption process, and it is usually an unfounded fear. This is the case for us; Natalie & Julian are loved just as much as any other family member and maybe a little more due to the unique way they came into this world and the fact that we almost lost them.

I am told all the time how beautiful they are and how they look like me and my side of the family (Brian’s side is beautiful too, they just do not have dark hair). We never think of how they are adopted, they are just a part of us through and through. When I write the blogs or talk with Patty, I am then reminded that they are adopted and what a precious gift she gave not only to me, but my family and friends as well. I am so thankful for embryo adoption because it made our family whole!

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