This weekend did not go as I had originally planned. Brian was golfing out of town, so I was going to take the twins to Splash Country on Saturday. Friday night Julian started coughing at 4am and Natalie, from across the room, asks “Are you OK?” It was so sweet, but nevertheless, we were up with Julian as steam filled up the bathroom to help him breathe. As he was crying he was asking for his blue shoes (he actually sleeps in his Crocks)! They are so sweet even in tough times!

Brian left to golf and we slept in until 9am! I called the doctor and took Julian by 10am. Since he had croup before I felt that was it, but I thought the doctor had told me he could not get it twice in a year. As it turns out he cannot get it twice in the same season. The nurse put a strip around his finger, or so she tried, to check his oxygen intake. Julian was crying and then Natalie started screaming too, and the nurse asked why she was crying! I told her they were in the NICU for over 40 days and they may have very bad memories of the oxygen testing device or Natalie just felt very bad for poor Julian. As it ended up Julian did have croup so we did not get to Splash Country. When Brian finally got home around 7 or 8 that night I was just exhausted. I did not feel good myself, but as I have heard before, Mothers do not get sick days.

I did not go to church Sunday morning with Brian and the twins, so that gave me a bit of a much needed rest (Julian did not have a temp. on Saturday or Sunday, so he was not contagious). That night was the church pool party and Brian would not go without me, so we all went. The twins just loved it. Julian loved being in the kiddy pool and Natalie’s favorite part was going down the water slide. We had a great time and I was glad that I had gone. My brother and his family were there along with my sister and her daughter. It is nice to go to church where I grew-up and where my family goes so the cousins can spend more time together. It was not the weekend I had pictured, but a wonderful one nevertheless.

Monday, I put on FaceBook that Natalie now has croup and as our preacher’s wife said, I am teaching them to share early. Unfortunately, sickness is something twins always seem to share. That is why I am still trying to do my exercises so I can have enough energy to keep up with them. I do not get in 2 hours a day, but I am trying for at least 1 video a day. That does not always happen, but I do have more energy (except for now that I am sick) and I have lost a pound. I am only 3 pounds away from my goal weight! To think that I was over 200lb (a lot of water weight due to toxemia) when I had the twins makes me workout harder! I want to be able to do everything the twins do and that is a lot to keep up with!

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