I have decided that I either need more hands (six more would be good) or lactating fingers. This morning the babies both woke up at 6:00, which made me happy after 5:00 wake-up calls the last two mornings. Normally, one will wait patiently (patiently is a relative word) while the other nurses. Grant ended up eating nearly an hour after Maria in the middle of the night, so I mistakenly thought that he would wait while Maria had breakfast. Nope. Not having any of it. Total nuclear meltdown. I couldn’t let him do this for the next 25 minutes while Maria ate, but if I made her stop, she would melt. My twin nursing pillow was out of reach, so I told Grant, if this is what you want; we’re going to have to make it work. Somehow I got him into a football hold (I’m going to miss being able to handle them with one hand) and he latched on amidst his flailing hands. He generally doesn’t like this position, which is why I’ve currently stopped nursing them at the same time. He didn’t care one bit. About 30 minutes later, both were satisfied and I was quite pleased. Not only did the morning session take half the time, both babies were sleeping soundly. I could get breakfast and get ready for the yoga class I was planning on attending. Grant slept nearly three more hours, which was a blessing in itself since he’s decided to take a sleeping optional approach to life the past couple of days.

Mom came to watch the babies while Jeremy went to the gym and I went to yoga, which was fantastic! Not only did it feel great to get back to practicing, the relaxation at the end was the quietest and most calm I think I’ve had since the babies got home. It was almost as good as the stadol that I was given while in labor. There’s a reason I’ve never tried recreational drugs. The feeling of floating away is something that I really enjoyed and would like to replicate. However, due to being a responsible adult, I realize that I’ll probably never have another “stadol vacation” legally or illegally. I’ll just have to stick to yoga.

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