What an awesome weekend I had. It started on Friday when I took the twins to Splash Country all by myself and I survived! Julian liked the lazy river and Natalie loved running around the park. Julian and I spent a lot of time running after her.
Saturday was my day “off” per my request. On my day off I got up at 8am to feed the twins then dress the twins and I hoped I could exercise after that. The key word is “hoped.” Even though Dad was with them they both cried for me, so Brian thought it would be best to bring them to me. It was soon time for me to get ready to attend my first party of the day. As I was getting in the shower Julian was hanging on me and I asked him if he wanted to shower with me and he said “YES!” I was able to sneak in the shower alone, however Brian soon brought Natalie in since she was crying for me. To try and calm her down, I tried to give her a play by play of my showering. This did not help. Julian tried to get me a towel, which was very kind of him. Once I got out, I then had to find an outfit, for which Julian was full of ideas. They all included clothes with flowers (that is what he picks out for Natalie every day). As I was putting on my makeup the twins were also right there putting it on as well. I tried to iron my outfit, but since it was linen I soon gave up. Once I was out the door, I was exhausted.

My first stop was to a wedding shower, which was absolutely lovely. It was so nice to be pampered! The lunch was already set at each place setting with fine china. Ladies came around to fill up drinks and take dishes. I got to talk to adults without any interruptions and hear about how a wonderful Christian couple met and fell in love. Before she opened gifts I was out the door and on my way to my next party.

I was late for my friend Rebecca’s surprise 30th birthday party, so I did not get to see the look on her face when she walked in the door, but I got to go without the twins. That means I got to have many meaningful conversations and got to brag about my miracle babies and how they are growing up so much. The nicest part of all was getting to hear about Rebecca’s life and to take the Rebecca quiz. I met Rebecca at my first book club meeting and have been friends with her four years, so I learned a lot from the quiz. I was the last guest to leave since I was having such a fun time talking with Rebecca and her mother. Rebecca reminded me of the time she first met me at the movies and I had a gallbladder attack and had to lay down in the aisles I was in so much pain. I was a passenger in their car and did not want to disturb them. Since no one else was in the movie I did not think anyone would care. We then laughed about how my husband had a “bell” growing up when he was sick and then thought he could have one when we were married. Brian had a bell when he had his knee operated on and then I got smart and hid them all when he had his back surgery. I had just not anticipated a co-worker of his bringing him one! This would not have been so bad, except I was working on my thesis! We laughed until we cried over this. What a blessing friends are!

I then went to Wal-Mart and got home by 6:30pm. The twins were so excited to see me as well as my husband. I could not believe how much energy I had to get everything done. I just felt revived and was so excited to see my family as well. It may have only been a few hours away, but for me it was a big deal. I do not get much time alone and it made me realize how much mothers need their own time. I am just going to have to schedule more days like these.

One thought on “TIME OFF

  1. I liked the comment about the bell when sick. I had one as well, and I give the boys a large “jingle bell” that they can ring. How else to you call for help, especially if you have a stomach bug?

    I’m glad you found some time for yourself, but you need a day when you wake up and do exactly what you want on a whim.

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