I’ve mentioned before that Jeremy is a packrat and that there have been numerous arguments over our six-year marriage on the random junk that is taking up valuable space in our home. Apparently, the cure for his affliction is 2 kids, 2 cats and a dog in about 1000 square feet. I had resigned myself to the fact that we were going to have to buy a shed for the backyard to accommodate his stuff. However, due to the early arrival of Grant and Maria, no shed was purchased. Turns out, we didn’t need it. Ever since Grant and Maria’s birth, his attitude toward his treasures has changed. Those computer video games I talked about in my very first blog…gone! Hit the trash several weeks ago. And now, it’s junk pick up in the Derby City — that wonderful time of year when everyone sets out their trash and treasures on the curb. I love this season, because it’s prime people watching material. Scavengers come along and root through your trash looking for their treasures. I was proud the one year when our junk was so bad that no one took anything! Anyway, with junk pick up here, I heavily “encouraged” Jeremy to go through the storage shed attached to the house and get rid of some more stuff. I was going to prepare all the paint cans in there for disposal if he tackled his storage tubs. Saturday was the big day and we spent several hours working in the 100 degree heat. Containers of trash, i.e. old Pez dispensers, garters from his prom (I wasn’t so trashy) and other equally disgusting things landed in the trash; so much that one large container and four other smaller ones are now empty. My people watching has been enjoyable. The paint can that were appropriately kitty littered disappeared in about 30 minutes. Out dated college text books gone in 15. If I didn’t get them sold before the babies were born, sure isn’t happening now.

The next hurdle to cross before I return to work on July 12 is to get Jeremy a newer car. His 16 year-old Honda Accord with nearly 300,000 miles on it is too foul to think about putting my kids in. I haven’t been in the car in six years (and that was only because mine had been totaled) and I’m embarrassed to even give the car away. Jeremy never gets sick and we attribute this to the symbiotic relationship he’s developed with the mold and bacteria growing in his beloved car. When I mention buying a car, he doesn’t want to talk about it, but soon he must face the inevitable. It’s time to cut the cord. He said it’ll be easier to part with it if we can get the new one first, then he can have his transition period and maybe even clean out the old one (we may need a dumpster). We’ll see what happens. For now, I’m watching the used car listings for another Accord. He says he won’t trash this one…we’ll just leave that up to the babies.

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One thought on “TRASH & TREASURES

  1. Looks like your precious ones are thriving…just need to grow a bit more to fit into their clothes..but we all know that occurs oh too fast anyway..enjoy..can relate to the junk versus treasures thing…about time for me to let go of some things too..although, I use the excuse that if it is recyclable, then it is worth keeping…some truth to this ya know..but after awhile, I, as many others I’m sure, forget what it was we were saving to recycle?!!!..blessings to you in your new roles as parents..keep cool..Donna

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