The twins went to Vacation Bible School at a church near our home last night. This gave Brian and I an opportunity to have a much needed date night! We used this opportunity to celebrate an early birthday dinner for me and Brian decided we need to make it a Father’s Day dinner as well.

We went to Bistro by the Tracks thanks to one of Brian’s golf tournament victories. We got two appetizers, two salads, two entrees and two desserts. The filet bites were so scrumptious that I did not take a picture of them until I ate them all. The calamari was very good too. I was already full at that point and then came the grilled shrimp salad and the warm poached pear salad, half the pear salad I had boxed. Where was I going to put the rest? Brian had the rack of lamb and I had the nightly special of Hawaiian fish. The dessert was best of all with a chocolate toffee cake and amaretto cheesecake. If I ever get to go again I would just have the appetizers and dessert, those were the best by far!

We had left Natalie crying at Vacation Bible School and I thought often of her through dinner. When we arrived at the church we were happy to find them both happily playing with the armor of truth belts around their waists. Unfortunately, they were not able to tell me all about their night since they are toddlers of few words. Natalie told me she ate cookies when I asked her if she had eaten dinner (who knows if that is true) and Julian had to have his belt of truth on to go to bed. So over all I would say it was a splendid night for us all!

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