Today Jim woke me up to ask what his Father’s Day present was, and I told him I could hear it walking down the hall. Chad showed up right on cue, asking for us to read him a book. Which, by the way, is pretty hard to do without your first cup of coffee in the morning. Next Harley, the cocker spaniel puppy, better known as Jim’s girlfriend, came bounding into the room. She headed right for him for her daily rough housing with him. He gets her so wound up that she is actually trying to bite him. I guess she doesn’t like being in a headlock for extended periods of time, which happens to be his favorite way of showing he likes her.

I just wanted to send out Father’s Day greeting to all the Dad’s and prospective Dad’s who read our blog. I think sometimes you are forgotten when dealing with infertility, pregnancy, and all those other things which are related. I wonder if the same can be said with embryo or traditional adoption. I would imagine so. Jim and I had discussed fostering after we had a few losses, and the possibility of adopting. He was dead-set against the adopting, and I told him that may be our only option. I hadn’t heard of embryo adoption, and don’t even know if it was being practiced at the time (late 1990’s, early 2000’s). I wonder if he would have been more accepting the the latter, because it is a closer experience to conceiving the traditional way, and similar to what we were used to with our infertility treatments.

I just wanted to let you Dads know you aren’t alone and are remembered. My mother used to say that everyday was Father’s Day, because the Mom’s do all the work, but that is truer of older generations. More and more nowadays you hear of the Dad staying home to be the primary caregiver, Jen’s Jeremy is a case in point.

My whole point this morning to my husband (which he probably missed), is that your gift is just being able to be among the ranks of Fathers, regardless of how you became one. For those who it doesn’t come naturally to (conception is what I’m referring to, not ability), you have worked very hard and sometimes long to achieve this status. Once achieved, every day is your gift. Enjoy it to the fullest.

One thought on “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY

  1. Brian is the same way with our dogs. Headlocks are very common in our family too with the dogs and kis. Natalie thinks it is funny, but Julian does not care for it at all!

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