My son is a fan of Linda Ronstadt. This is a fact that causes some concern for Jeremy. She recorded a CD of old songs into lullabies, including “Dedicated to the One I Love” and most disturbingly, Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” However disturbing it may be, it has helped us win today’s nap battle. Grant is proficient at falling asleep on you then popping his eyes open as soon as you put him in the crib. Don’t dare walk away while his eyes are open or else you are in for it. While we both enjoy holding him it’s not practical to have to spend the whole day holding him. We might, I don’t know, have to use the bathroom. I don’t have any of those Lisa Novak NASA diapers, so I must put him down. Maria is a little better about this and often, when all else fails, wants to be left alone. This is one of the many differences we’re seeing in their personalities. Grant is more extroverted and Maria is the thoughtful introvert. As they are getting bigger we are enjoying learning more about them and their quirks.

One thing they both really like is being outside. If they are fussing, stepping onto the front porch is almost instant quiet. We took them to a baseball game on Friday and they both gladly slept in the heat. They were a hit with those around us and we get hit with the usual barrage of questions and comments….”how old?”, “they are so tiny”, “my so and so has twins or had preemies”, and so forth. Jeremy and I aren’t quite used to being the spectacle that we feel like we are when we go out and about. We always get double takes and smiles. Sometimes I wonder if they are thinking “better them than us.” With the evening hours being designated as “fussy time” in our house, Jeremy was frightened about our venture out at that time of day. I assured him that they would be fine because they are happy being held and my mom would have no problem giving them squeeze time. Thankfully, I wasn’t wrong, and despite a minor meltdown in the car on the way home, they both were quiet when we got home and remained so the rest of the night. We’re getting a little braver as we learn what works and doesn’t work and hopefully we’ll soon not be scared to venture into public.

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4 thoughts on “LEARNING CURVE

  1. Jess you really should have been a writer. You definitely have your Mom and Dad’s sense of humor. This is just wonderful seeing you guys learn about your precious ones from day to day. You both are truly an inspiration. Love the picture of Grandpa and thank the heavens for Grandmothers and Grandfathers! What would we do without them? Thank you for sharing this, I have enjoyed it so much!

  2. I am so enjoying your blogs that your mom sends. It’s clear by your wit whose kid you are! Really enjoyed the pic with grandpa.

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