Saturday we went to my cousin Bryon’s wedding. Julian was dressed in his suit and tie and Natalie was in her party dress. We took pictures of them before the wedding. They had such fun playing hide and seek we just had to capture it on film!

I sure did miss my mother-in-law at this wedding. Last summer when my other cousin got married she had kept the twins in the nursery, so Brian and I, as well as everyone else, could enjoy the wedding free of distractions. This time the twins were with Brian and me so I did not get many good pictures of the ceremony. The twins were very good, they just had to have their drinks, and then they had to have us draw pictures for them while I was trying to capture the perfect shot. It was a beautiful wedding that we are so thankful we were able to attend. Bryon and his new wife Shelby have been dating for a long time and we were all happy to see this day arrive.

Natalie and Julian had a great time. They got to eat as much cheese as they wanted and a bit of cake as well. At each place setting was a gift box, with chocolate in them. The twins ate almost all the chocolate at our table and were very disappointed when they would look in other people’s boxes only to find them empty! Julian and I got to enjoy a mother and son dance while Dad danced with Natalie while he was sitting in his chair. Just the kind of dancing Dad likes to do!

It made me tear up thinking about how my mom was not here for this glorious event. I have heard people say that it is times like these that we think and miss our loved ones the most, but I miss her all the time. I have found that I still have good times, they just are not as sweet.

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