It’s been a weekend of milestones at the Wilson household. First, Jeremy got a “new” car. I am actually surprised by this as when we first looked on Thursday I became frightened at the prospect of a long and drawn out process. Our first attempt was foiled by the dealer. I called in the morning to make sure the prospect car was there, which he said it was. After arranging for Mom to watch Grant and Maria, we made the short trek to New Albany, Indiana only to find that the car was not there. It was out getting a little work done on a scratched bumper. The salesman, who had less personality than my big toe, said he would call me when it was back. Still haven’t heard from him. Since we were already out and had several hours before Mom had to leave we came back across the bridge and went to another lot. Here, there was a 7 year old Accord that we could probably manage to get down to our price. However, when Jeremy got in it, he said it didn’t feel right, meaning there wasn’t enough bacteria to surround him to make him comfortable. He said the brake pedal was too high and he couldn’t see the front end like he likes to. I tried to reason with him that no car is going to feel like his current one. After 14 years, he and his car have molded together nicely. We walked about and didn’t see anything else of interest in our “paying cash” price range. Jeremy ranted about all the digital displays in cars and how newer is not always better. After all, he worked in television during the analog to digital conversion and still has nightmares and complains about the downsides to digital every time the TV pixilates. To home we returned and I continued my internet search. We later got a call from the salesman we were working with who realized that Jeremy was probably only going to be comfortable in something a little older and called when he found a low mileage 1998 Accord. On Saturday we ventured back out. As soon as he got in it, I could see a grin spread across his face and I asked if the brake pedal was in the right place…he laughed and said yes. After a test drive and a little negotiating, Jeremy drove off the lot in his new car. He said it seemed like a car his mom would have previously owned and it indeed was a one owner “lady driven” car that was taken care of very well. Next step is to rent a dumpster so he can clean out his old one and we can attempt to sell it before donating it.

The next milestone was Grant and Maria’s first trip to the church nursery. Mom has been watching them each week, but was unable to this weekend. We decided it was time to see how they did. I’ve worked in the infant nursery for ten years; so I know what to expect, I just didn’t know how they were going to do. After getting them registered and getting the usual barrage of looks and comments I took them to their room. They were nearing the ugly combination of tired and hungry and I had a bad feeling. I handed over Maria who was, to put it nicely, a bit peeved. Next, Grant was passed across the counter and they both disappeared into the familiar room. Bottles were packed and I instructed the team leader that bottles sooner than later were probably a good idea for everyone involved. Jer and I went into worship and I was pleasantly surprised when we made it the first 15 minutes without our ID number coming up on the screen. Every 15 minutes I took another sigh of relief as the Child ID numbers that popped up were not ours. Service ended and we looked at each other with satisfaction that they made it the whole time. We picked up two sleeping babies and made it home. They were so worn out from their big adventure that they hardly made a peep after getting home and ready for bed. We put them down and enjoyed the sweet sound of silence. Jeremy and I crashed on the couch during 48 Hours Mystery, which reminded us of our pre-children life. It wasn’t uncommon for us to go to church, dinner and come home to pass out on the couch for the night. Call us boring, but since we lived opposite schedules during the week, this time together was something we both cherished. Alas, our couch nap came to an end when baby bellies demanded another feeding and to reality we returned.

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