Mother’s milk does a baby good. Grant and Maria have each surpassed the weight of our cat Lucy and combined surpass Ally, aka Fat Al, who weighs somewhere between 13 and 14 pounds. Grant is tipping the scales at 7 lbs 13 ounces and Maria is not far behind at 7 lbs 7 ounces. Both measured 20 inches long. While they are not on the growth chart for their actual age, they are doing very well. People look at us funny when we tell them how old they are and we often have to explain that they were born seven weeks early and therefore developmentally they won’t look or necessarily act like a normal 10 week old. Our doctor has given them both a clean bill of health and based upon their shrieking at the office declared that their hearts and lungs are quite healthy. Additionally, Maria saw the cardiologist last week and we were pleased to find out that her VSD closed on its own. Both babies have to return to the cardiologist next year to see if their patent foramen ovale (PFO) closes. PFO is not an uncommon preemie issue and the cardiologist wasn’t concerned at all. I can only imagine what it will be like to do ultrasounds on one year olds. Our sonographer said that he and his partner flip a coin when it comes to scanning toddlers. At least with Maria’s trip this time I came armed with “boob in a bottle” so she could happily eat while getting her ultrasound completed. If I hadn’t it would have been a total disaster. She was fussing when we first got started and her little heart was racing on the screen. As soon as I plugged her up her heart calmed down and we could get down to business.

While we’ve been busy cultivating life inside our house, there’s been a battle raging against it outside. It started in early spring with an ant invasion outside our bathroom. It got to the point where the ants came inside and we were having a daily mass ant death by flooding in the tub. After spraying several times outside, we finally got the good stuff and killed the queen. Ant problem has now been solved. Our next battle has been with yellow jackets. A couple of weeks ago our dog, Charlie, was out back when he came running toward the porch in distress desperately trying to get away from being stung. Unfortunately he was running toward me and Grant. I couldn’t let him into the house while he still had bees on him, so I had to take a broom and swat them off before we made our retreat in the house. I told Jeremy about the incident and he had been keeping an eye out for the nest. Well, he found it while cutting grass to the tune of no less than 4 stings. The grass didn’t get completed that day and we’re in the process of trying to eliminate the nest. To no avail, we’ve sprayed one can of stuff that was supposed to kill them. In a second attempt at mass death, he unloaded an entire can of Raid into the hole where they are living as well as a yard fogger next to the hole last night. I looked out back this morning and think I saw at least one little bugger flying back into the hole. Jeremy will be sorely disappointed if I’m right. The grass is nearing unruly levels and if we don’t get the yellow jackets taken care of soon, the grass might take over and we’ll be unable to find Charlie when he’s out back. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

2 thoughts on “LIFE AND DEATH

  1. We ran into the hive problem years ago. I don’t know is this is environmentally safe, but we poured gasoline in the hole and covered it with a big rock–end of problem! Hope that helps you out. I love working with your mom and listening to the ‘grandsicle’ stories. We watch her Facebook page for pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us 🙂 God bless!

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