Vacation Bible School started at our church on Sunday night. I was so wiped out after teaching the two year-old class that I came home and went straight to bed! My feet, back as well as several other body parts ached and I just could not take any more. Since then it has gotten easier and easier for me. There are 12 two year-olds in my class and five teachers. The church has averaged over 300 children a night!

Natalie and Julian have enjoyed VBS and it is nice to see them interact with other children. Last year, one of Natalie’s first words was “God” the second night of VBS! We are so blessed that our church provides classes for such young children. It is amazing how much they can absorb.

Julian loves to talk about our cars. He started out saying “Mommy’s car” or “Daddy’s car” and then it evolved into “Daddy’s car silver!” or “Mommy’s car silver!” Since we got DVD players in the car, my car is now known as “The Elmo car!” Unfortunately, this week the air conditioner in my car started acting up and now Julian refers to my car as “The hot car!” So now we are in Daddy’s golf cart, also known as a Toyota Prius. So I hope Dad can get our car fixed soon. If not we may get used to the golf cart!

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