Today is my birthday! Brian is downstairs with the twins making me breakfast. What a wonderful start to the day. Later tonight will be VBS with a special program following. Seeing how the twins respond to standing up in front of everyone will be fun to experience, at least I hope!

Patty is right; a year ago I spent my birthday with them. We went to Busch Gardens and then to a nice Italian restaurant. It is hard to believe it has only been a year ago that we had our first visit. The twins would not be quiet, so we had to take turns pushing the stroller in the waiting room and we took our cannolis to go. It had been a long day for them and going out to eat was not something they could sit through. Ryan was so kind to take a turn pushing the twins! We had a great time in spite of our challenges.

I had not seen a post from Patty in a while and I wondered if everything was going well for them. I had thought about calling yesterday, but with taking Brian’s car to the shop twice, a doctor’s appointment for the twins and VBS the day got away from me. I had wondered if anything happened to them, who would call me? Then I remembered I was friends with her two nieces on FaceBook, so at the very least they could contact me that way. What a terrible thing to think!

Blogging has changed the way Patty and I communicate. We use to send more e-mails, but now I think we just read each other’s blogs and get updates that way. Since our last visit, I think we also call each other more then we did before. As Patty, said in her blog, our relationship has evolved and I pray it will continue to be a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

My breakfast was very yummy, by the way!


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