I just finished reading Marti’s latest blog entry, and I have to laugh. I was just thinking the same thing about not emailing her directly to keep up with what it happening to them, but to read the blog entries she posts instead. I was also going to write about how Ryan had taken a turn entertaining Natalie & Julian, because they had had a long day and weren’t up for a celebration. That was ok; we had cannoli for breakfast the next morning. Eating them in your PJs is a treat in itself. I think they would frown upon that if you tried it in the restaurant, birthday or not!

I also got a chuckle about Marti wondering how she would find out if something bad were to happen to us while we were away or in general. I have the tendency to think/worry about the same thing. When we were in Universal, my cell phone did ring with a phone number with the same exchange as my sister’s town. My heart skipped a beat until I realized I didn’t recognize the number as her home or school office where she volunteers. I was still a little apprehensive, because one of my nieces lives there as well, and I only know her cell phone number. It ended up being the Red Cross looking for a blood donation. I was thinking is was Cathy calling to say something bad had happened again. Poor Cathy, she’s getting a bad rap for being the bearer of bad news. Yes, I still answer the phone when she calls, I just listen for her tone of voice to see if everything is all right. You know to brace yourself when she begins by saying “everything is okay, now” or the like.

Yesterday one of my friends from work came swimming for the afternoon with her nephew. He’s seven, and her kids are a lot older, so she doesn’t have much left from them at her house for him. We had been talking about what we had done earlier that day, and I told her I was so glad she had called to see if we were still on for our swim/play date. I had lost all track of time, because I had made the mistake of suggesting we pick up in the boys bedrooms. We became lost in the mess that Joel calls a room, and I told her she could have some of his books for her nephew, because I had no room to put any new ones. When we rounded the corner of the upstairs hallway, she spotted the three birth record samplers that I had cross-stitched for my boys. She paused at each one to admire them, and I had mentioned that Marti had chosen the same or similar designs for the twins. She remarked on how uncanny it is that we are so alike.

Her response to the condition of Joel’s room was so funny; there was stuff covering the middle of his floor, and she questioned me about cleaning the room. I told her I was actually cleaning (dusting, etc.) as I went, and showed her the trash bag that was half full with ALL of his seatwork from the school year as proof. I told her this is what I had found under his double bed, which is how he had originally cleaned it the day before. She laughed and took a few books from popular series for her nephew’s age group.

I’m now going up to see how Joel is making out in his room. Last night when Jim had come home, we were at the grocery store, and he had looked through the house for us, and spotted Joel’s mess. He was so funny; he met us at the door asking Joel if he was okay from the bomb that had exploded in his room. We all laughed, and I told him it was just the result of the stellar job that had been done the night before when he asked them to straighten their rooms up. I told Chad he really has to sort through his board books because he has no more room on his bookshelves and three bins for books. He wanted to know if we could send them to Natalie & Julian. I told him it would cost too much to ship them. I think it would be less expensive to purchase a plane ticket AND pay for the suitcase being over weight (50 lbs).

If I don’t blog in the next week, send out the search and rescue dogs to find us in Joel’s room.


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