Happy (belated) 4th to all of our readers.  We had a glorious summer day here in New England, even if it was a little on the humid side.

The day began for us by helping Ryan finish with last minute packing so he could head up to Boy Scout camp for a week.  He is a Patrol Leader, so he has been busy preparing lists and sending emails to make sure everyone knows what to bring and what not to.  He headed out with Jim, Joel and Chad around noontime, and afterwards they had plans to head over to my oldest niece’s house for a picnic.  Jim and Chris (our new nephew in-law), had plans to take our jet ski out on Lake Waramaug which is 5 minutes from their house in Kent.  We’ve had the jet ski for a few years, and rarely use it.  Jim asked Chris if he would like to take it, and now they are like two little kids with a new toy.

I stayed home because I was scheduled to work, so I straightened up the house and was about to head out the door for work when I saw the answering machine had a message.  It was a message from work that it was slow and I was on call, which translate to FREEDOM, unless it gets busy later, in which case you get called back in.  I had planned to spend the afternoon reading by our pool until everyone came home, but when I spoke to Jim and told him I was on call, he convinced me to go to Cassie’s.  I was hesitant, because you can’t be more than an hour away from the hospital when on call, and I was afraid that with traffic it would just put me over the time limit.  I knew I would be mad it I just arrived at her house and was called in, but he pointed out I would most likely be mad later that evening if I wasn’t called in and had missed out on a good time.  He was right, so I packed a swim bag and hopped in my Mustang for a lovely ride out into the country.  The trip is all back roads, and it was relaxing driving out into such a rural area.  Where we live is rural, but this is even more so.  If you’ve forgotten something at the grocery store, shame on you, because the store is so far away, you think twice about hopping in to pick up an item or two.

We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening lounging around the pool, swimming, and at the lake.  Jim, Chris, Maggie (my youngest niece), Joel and Chad had gone there to use the jet ski, but had some mechanical difficulties; read as it wouldn’t start at the dock.  Chris jump started the battery, and off Jim went.  We met up with Chris, and were waiting for Jim to come so we could take turns riding.  We waited for at least 20 minutes before Chris set off again in the car to look for him.  I knew he must have stalled and was stranded somewhere, and we were hoping it was at the dock. No such luck, for he stalled in the middle of the lake and had to swim to shore, towing the jet ski behind.  So much for the boater’s code of helping someone who is stranded.  Despite all this, or because of it, Chris and Jim are now pleading their cases to Cassie and I that they need 2 jet skis, so they can tow the broken down one.  Chris thinks a boat might be better, because we all can go.  Will the Peter Pan Boys never grow up?

Cassie had a delicious meal planned, and she did a great job.  Considering the fact that I showed up empty-handed (because I didn’t expect to go or Jim and the kids either), and my sister and brother in-law surprised us by showing (they had just gotten back from an out of state wedding), there was plenty and it was de-lish.  Dessert was the best by far; we had apple pie and éclair cake (the one Marti made) with Champagne at the lake watching the fireworks show.

It was one of the best 4ths I can remember.



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