This was a week for falls. Tuesday, my Aunt Nancy came over to swim with us and while she was here Julian fell and started crying. Natalie heard him and yelled, “I’m coming!” We thought that was so cute, the mother in Natalie is taking over. Julian was fine and just needed some hugs. Unfortunately, he is a bit accident prone.

Then on Wednesday, Natalie was holding her blanket while dancing with Barney then slipped on the blanket and hit the dresser. This was our first bad fall. She hit right under her nose and the skin broke. It bled for a bit, and I wished I had my Mom to call to get her advice. We decided she did not need stitches, so we did not take her to the doctor. I hope we made the right decision and that it does not leave a scar.

That night Brian and I went on a date and I was not sure if I should leave Natalie. She seemed to cry over anything. When I came down the stairs in my new red shoes, she came running to me and fell on the shoes exclaiming, “My shoes, My shoes!” How they became her shoes, I am not sure. When I brought them home, I let her play with them; so I guess that made her think they were hers. Then Julian ran to me and stood on my feet, because he wanted to be held. I then realized that they were holding me hostage. It did not make me feel any better about going out! I then remembered that I had new toys for them for the beach, so I got them out and then they were distracted enough to let me out the door.

I am so blessed that they love being with me that they do not want me to leave. I know this will change before I can blink. So I will take all the hugs and kisses I can get while they do not think they are too old to do such!


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