On Saturday we got to go to two parties! We first went to see our friends from Missouri who were in and had a small celebration for my friend’s daughter’s birthday. Brian had made cupcakes for the party and we were all excited to try them, especially the children. Once Julian had finished his he started asking for “more cake” and we told him that he could not have anymore. We were going to another birthday party and he would have more cake then. Well, Brian had to take him outside since he was crying so much. Many of us were cleaning up the mess and I could hear Julian crying. So I went outside to see what was wrong and he was still crying because he wanted a second cupcake! He went inside to see if he could find more and I was glad they were hidden. When I told my family this story, my niece Brooke said “there is no doubt he is part of this family!”

Our next birthday party was for Natalie and Julian’s cousin Alyssa, she was turning 4! It was a beautiful party with the mountains overlooking the park. The twins enjoyed eating chicken and more chicken as well as cake! We got to see the grandparents and our dear friends Joe and Ella. The twins loved the party. It was a great day! Unfortunately, I do not have pictures to show at this time. Our home computer had died and we have not gotten a new one, so the pictures will be a bit delayed.

Tomorrow I am taking the twins to my Aunt’s house about two hours away. I think they will do fine, but every day has its own challenges. They usually go to bed just fine at 9pm, but right now dad is with them at 9:50pm! I can only hope they will be on their best behavior for our overnight stay. This may be a small glimpse into the future for next week’s beach trip. We are all excited and counting down the days. Until then we have several fun filled days ahead.


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