Well, I’m back to the office and there is no rest for the wicked. I came in on Monday around 9:15 to find that the new HR Generalist in my department had just given her resignation after less than a month with the company. That, in and of itself, was not a bad thing from what I had heard while I was off. However, it means that I get the pleasure of taking on the bulk of her work, which is just awesome. Actually, I was on the panel that interviewed her on my last day of work way back on April 14. I didn’t like her, but got overruled. I later chalked my dislike of her up to the fact that I felt like crap that day and was probably starting early labor. Guess I wasn’t wrong about her after all. So much for getting to ease back into my own work! The good thing is that I’m staying very busy, which makes the days go by fast. So, I think the next couple of months until we get the HR position filled will be pretty hectic.

As for Jeremy, Grant and Maria, they are all doing very well. It seems like they are establishing their own routine, which for the past two days has included really good afternoon naps. They’ve waited until I got home to wake up and then I get to spend some good quality time with them. We’ve taken evening family walks and feel very “Americana” as we walk with the tandem stroller and the dog through our neighborhood.

He actually ventured out with them today and took them to the gym at our church. They stayed in the childcare area where my mom works. All the little old ladies that work out when Jeremy is there made their mad hobble to the nursery area to see Grant and Maria so they could ooo and aww over them. They had been anxiously anticipating Jeremy’s bravery in taking them out on his own. He declared his adventure a success even though they melted down each time they went in their car seats, which is standard operating procedure for Grant and Maria.

Jeremy has adapted to this life very well. He never imagined himself even married and claimed he always thought he’d be dead by age 25 (don’t ask…I’m not sure either…). I’m so very thankful that I have him and that he was willing to sacrifice a job he truly enjoyed to take on this most important and exhausting task of raising our babies. When I tell him this…he just shrugs his shoulders and says… “it’s what I do.”


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