Maria is a very sensitive baby — sensitive skin, sensitive belly and sensitive to the mood and emotions around her. I’d started to put a pattern to her moods in relation to my own several weeks ago. Seems that when I would have an extra tired morning and wasn’t as patient that she would be more fussy. Friday morning I was particularly tired and Jeremy and I were discussing an annoying situation. I think Maria sensed both of our frustration with the issue and as a result was rather fussy that morning and afternoon. She reacts to negative and nervous energy and I’m learning that we have to try extra hard to be aware of the conversations we have around her and our overall moods. I wonder how this will play out as she grows up. Being aware of and responsive to others’ moods and emotions isn’t a bad thing and will lend itself well to a helping profession like nursing or teaching. I just hope that her awareness and reaction to moods and emotions doesn’t become a burden to her – sometimes it’s good to be able to ignore the things going on around you or at the very least, not react.

Grant is not complicated like Maria. He’s a lover and not a fighter. Nine times out of ten he just wants to be held if he’s fussing. The other time he’s hungry. As for Maria, she doesn’t know what she wants. Hold me this way, no that way…put me down…pick me up…leave me alone….come back…it’s a game to see what finally works. I’m learning that if she’s in one of her moods, that high up on my shoulder and a good firm pat works well. Sometimes it takes a minute or two for her to settle into it, but it does work; you just have to be patient with her. At times when they both want to be held, I have found that getting perched in the glider with Grant reclining on my lap looking at me and Maria on my shoulder satisfies everyone. Sometime we just stay there until my butt goes numb. If they are quiet and happy, I can deal with not feeling my lower extremities until they get tired of what we’re doing.

Each week we learn something new that works or something else they like or don’t like. It’s fun to watch them reacting to us more and more. They’ve both melted my mom by giving up some pretty good grins. I’m enjoying each day watching them grow and learn. I’m looking forward to their next milestones, but also don’t want to wish this stage away. It’ll be gone in the blink of an eye.


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