It is hard to believe the summer is more than half way over. Yesterday my two oldest sons, Ryan and Joel, finalized their packing for a week at Cub Scout Camp for Joel. Ryan will be going as a Den Chief and Lifeguard. This is the second year for both, and they were very excited. Same as last year, Chad (my youngest son) started with the “I’m going to miss you”, and would burst into tears. This would set Joel off, and then he would cry how he would also miss all the animals, naming each one. I should send the dogs off with him to camp; Harley (2 yrs old) would have a ball fetching all the sticks in the woods, and Caesar (the oldest at 15 yrs) would help Ryan lifeguard (the dog loves to swim). My husband Jim is the Cub Master for our Pack, and will stay overnight 3 out of the 5 nights. I think he is as excited to hang out with the guys around the campfire after all the Scouts have gone to bed. He has made friends with some of the Dads that I don’t think he would have otherwise had the opportunity to do so.

It was just Chad and I for the rest of the day, and as a distraction we ran a couple of errands and had a movie night when we got home. Everything was great until it was actually bedtime. Chad was sad again, and took a while to settle down and fall asleep. It was after 10pm when I finally got into my room to watch the news. I started to work on Karen and Brian’s wedding sampler, and around midnight decided to turn out the light. I had trouble falling asleep as well; the house is just too quiet without everyone in it. As much as I don’t like Jim’s snoring, I need the noise to fall asleep.

After a couple of hours, Harley started to whine to be let out to potty. When I went to get out of bed, I noticed that the moon was full, and was bathing the yard in so much light that it looked as if someone had turned the outside floodlights on. It was breathtaking at 4 am. Once I let the dogs back into the house and had them settled, I tried to fall asleep again, but there was too much light from the moon shining into the room. I hope the same doesn’t happen tonight, otherwise I’ll only get 2 nights sleep. Good thing Jim doesn’t stay for the whole week. This is like having a baby and waking up every few hours for a feeding. I’m getting much too old for this nonsense.

As much as I enjoy the quality time I’m able to spend alone with Chad, I do miss the others. It is a reminder to me that each year they are gaining a little more independence, and will one day not need me. Ryan will be entering 9th grade when we return to school, and before I know it, will be thinking about colleges. I’ve had that thought creep into my mind very often since we went back-to-school shopping last week. When I saw the displays of items for dorm rooms, it was a wake up call for me. How did this happen? It really does seem like it was only yesterday that we were excited about him starting kindergarten, and now this Fall I will have my Chad going there and Ryan in High School. I’m much too old for this.


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