On Monday we started our day at Broadway at the Beach and the twins loved running around. They partially loved the dog they saw. I think it reminded them of our dog, Farrah. We ate lunch at Johnny Rockets then went back to the condo for the kids to sleep. Brian and his Dad went to play a par three golf course and by the time they got back, Brian’s Dad was sick. We think he may have gotten sick from the food from lunch.

So we let Mom and Dad rest while Brian and I took the kids to the beach. They were very excited to get to the beach. Once we laid the towel out and sat down they both started doing the sign for “all done” and saying all done as well. They had to tell us in two different languages, just in case we did not get the first one. It was so windy that their floats kept flying away and Brian would have to chase them down. That alone was a sight to see! Brian and I tried to get the kids to like the sand and the water, but before long Julian was saying “No beach, no water!” and “Bye bye car” So now every time we ask Julian if he wants to go to the beach he says “No beach!”

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