Last Wednesday, we had a tornado come through Connecticut. This is a big deal for two reasons; one, we usually don’t have tornadoes in this part of the country, and two, there was just one a month ago in the southern part of the state which left a lot of damage.

I hadn’t heard the tornado warnings, but I was keeping an eye on the sky. It was getting increasingly darker, and I was driving in my convertible with the top down. I had to run a couple of errands, and was heading to the library to pick up Joel from a program he was attending. Ryan and Chad were at home, because they were tired from shopping all morning. I had promised we would go swimming once I had picked Joel up. Once I finished with my errands, I went to the library and was looking through a new knitting book when I first heard the thunder. A few minutes later, my cell phone was buzzing; it was Ryan saying my neighbor wanted he and Chad to go there because of the storm. I thought it was a little bit much, because at this point I still didn’t know about the warning. I told Ryan I was getting Joel and leaving in a few minutes, and to tell my neighbor that.

When we were leaving the library I thought it was exceptionally windy, and we hurried through the rain to the car. As we are heading down Route 4, my cell phone rang again, and it was my neighbor. She called to see where I was, and told me a tornado had touched down in Torrington, Thomaston, and was headed our way. I told her I was half way home, and called Ryan to tell him to get himself, Chad and the animals into the cellar. We spent a few hours there, watching the path the storm was taking on the news as it was tracked.

We were lucky, we didn’t have it touch down in Burlington, I think because we are at a higher elevation. The tornado touched down in Bristol and Plainville, and left a lot of damage. The irony and the reason that I’m blogging about this is that the path the tornado took was right down the street in Plainville that we had lived on before moving to Burlington. The apartment complex we lived in for 6 months while building our house also had a lot of damage. The house we had lived in is directly across the street from a town park, and the park was on the news because it had a lot of downed and uprooted trees which ruined the tennis courts, baseball fields, playground and buildings there. The damage is so bad it is closed to the public.

There is a restaurant on the corner that was a tavern in colonial times, and it had a few trees with limbs down, one of which fell on a passing car. Luckily no one was injured. The chimney on the restaurant was destroyed from the falling tree limbs. There were several houses on the street that had huge trees uprooted. Some of these trees had to be over 100 years old, they were so large in diameter. The house we had lived in had a large tree limb fall onto the roof between the two dormers. The tree it came from was so large that the limb itself is the size of a tree. My father had planted two maples in the front yard when he built the house approximately 60 years ago. It was upsetting to see this, and I was glad we didn’t live there anymore. I hope the current owner doesn’t remove the tree because this happened. It would change the look of the yard and the tree has sentimental value to my sister and I.

It is funny how a decision you make in life can affect you later. I never thought I would ever be glad we had decided to move to Burlington for this reason.

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