While we were at the beach our air conditioner went out that Tuesday. “Hot car” now had a new meaning at 108 degrees. Firestone fixed it before we went to the beach so we took it back and luckily, they fixed it again! They let me know they could not fix it again and we would have to take it to a dealership next time it goes out.

Now that we had our car cool again we could comfortably head to the outlets. The children enjoyed sweets while Grammy and I went shopping. The guys would take the children to the little rides they have outside the shops. Since the twins do not understand that these rides take money it worked out well. We quit shopping a little early so that we could keep the twins on their nap schedule.

Julian loved putt-putt. In fact he loved it so much he did not want to give his putter or ball back at the end of 18 holes. We had a great time putting. Natalie was not as interested in putting, but she enjoyed running from hole to hole and cheering on everyone else. I tried to get everyone else to play again during the week but they were too golfed out from their tournament.

I think the twins have really been making great advancements during this trip. Julian is now counting (we had 36 steps to count to get to our condo) at least to 10 and they are talking so much more. Julian would want to know “Where is Grammy? Where did she go?” Natalie is talking so much more too. She declared, “This is my water” when we were in the pool and Julian looked at me and said “This is Inna’s water!” Inna is what he calls Natalie. I think they are so funny! They really enjoy each other and it is a blessing to all of us seeing them interact.

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