All is quiet in the Wilson household tonight. It’s Wednesday and Jeremy has gone to a friend’s house to play cards. This is a normal occurrence, one which I think we both enjoy. He gets some time with the guys and I get some much needed alone time. I instructed yoga this evening, so it was an extra long day for Jeremy. I’ve greatly limited my evening yoga classes to ensure that I spend quality time with my family. In fact, it’s not uncommon for me to dread the evenings that I teach. However, once I’m there, I’m happy. I realize that I need that part of my life, too. It’s something that is just mine. I don’t share it with Jeremy, Grant or Maria. It’s my thing and I think it’s important for everyone to have their “thing.” After a class, I feel energized and refreshed and my body is grateful for the exercise.

Prior to returning to work, I canceled my gym membership. I did this because I’m a realist not because I didn’t want to work out. I knew that with the demands of work and family that spending an additional hour a day in the gym wasn’t going to happen, nor was it fair to Jeremy, Grant or Maria. I figured I would spend my time with the babies after work and we could go for our evening walks and I would work yoga in when I could. Because we’re on pace for the hottest summer on record, my evening walks haven’t panned out as I would have liked, so my exercise has been greatly limited. I’m hoping for a cooling trend soon so I can get out and about with the babies.

Taking care of myself is another thing to add to the balancing act that life becomes with children. If I’m not in shape and healthy I’m no good for anyone else. But, there are only 24 hours in a day and Grant and Maria are changing and growing so fast that it’s easy to put myself on the back burner. I realize I need to strike a balance with all the different aspects of my life. It might mean my shower comes at 5:30 in the evening because the babies are settled for the moment and dinner isn’t quite ready or it might mean that a couple nights a month I have an extra long day because I put myself on the yoga schedule. As each day passes, I think I get a little better at finding that healthy balance of putting my family first, which sometimes means taking some time just for me.


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