This week is my fourth week sweating through P90X, an intense exercise program. During this time my weight has not gone down, in fact I may have gained a bit. Brian just started a diet, 1200 calories a day, and has lost 11 lbs within 10 days! I have to say that I have not been doing the P90X diet plan just the workouts, so that may be the reason for my lack of weight loss.

It is a miracle from God that I am doing this workout. It is six days a week for an hour or more each workout. When I told my childhood friend, Temple, that I was doing it she could not believe it. She has known me most my life and knows I do not work out and never liked to break a sweat. Well, with P90X I am a puddle of sweat. I pray before and during every workout. So I have to say this is all a God thing that I get through the work outs. I guess I know I need to be concentrating on not eating all the sweets that I so love.

When my Mom first got sick about eight years ago, she gave me the Firm workout because she said that if she died I would be her only child that would not keep in shape. Thanks to my cousin, Heather, I have the P90X program and I hope to get in the best shape of my life. I want to be able to keep up with the twins and be able to do any activity that they want to do; but, most of all live long enough to be their Mom and one day, a very long time from now, be a grandmother who is fit and trim!


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