A year ago I voluntarily stuck a needle in my stomach for the first time. Yep, I started Lupron…another joy of the pre-transfer process. Because of its amazing ability to cause insomnia, it was probably my least favorite part of the pre-transfer protocol. I don’t think it’s the most common side effect of the drug, but after doing some online research I learned I was not alone. For the period of time that I was on it, which was about three weeks, I don’t think I slept. I would lie awake for hours on end. And when I did sleep for a couple of minutes, my dreams were bizarre. Unfortunately, I cannot hide fatigue, no matter how much concealer I use. Dark circles plagued my face and I felt sorry for anyone who dared cross me during this period of time. I remember thinking that if our September transfer didn’t take, I didn’t know if I could go through with one or two more attempts. I was out of my mind and body and couldn’t stand it. Estrace would soon be added to the mix and I would be even more pleasant to be around. Having Jeremy working third shift probably saved our marriage during this period. I was actually looking forward to my progesterone injections because I knew from taking progesterone after our mock cycle in May that it made me feel more normal.

A year ago we were also anxiously anticipating the birth of my nephew. At the time we didn’t know if he was a boy or a girl and was known only as “Monkey”. Now, eleven months after his birth, Jake is walking and babbling and a lot of fun to be around. On Sunday, Jeremy and I went out with Jake and my brother and sister-in-law on their boat on the Ohio River and had a great time. After dropping anchor in a cove, Jake came in the water with us and I couldn’t help but think that in a year, Grant and Maria could easily be playing in the water with us. Seeing how much Jake has grown and developed over the last eleven months makes me realize just how fast life is going and how soon Grant and Maria will be mobile handfuls. I’ll trade my Lupron insomnia and related fatigue for the craziness of chasing a toddler any day. And while sometimes we struggle with bedtime and only get a full night’s sleep here and there, I’m happy my drug-induced lack of sleep is a thing of the past.


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