My brother, David, is researching our family genealogy. In the midst of his studies he sent his DNA off to compare it to some Morrow that we should be related to. As it turns out it is not a match, in fact looking way back into the family tree it appears that we are not Morrows! There is not anyone alive to ask these questions to, but the possibilities include a son was adopted and raised as a Morrow or this woman did not tell anyone that it was not her husbands. However the story goes, we are not who we thought we were. But does it matter? I will always be a “Morrow” no matter what my blood test may say, and as my brother continues to study our genealogy he must feel the same way.

While David is trying to teach me about our family history, I have wondered what family name would Julian and Natalie study. Since they know the Cassidy family would they choose to study their history or mine and Brian’s side of the family? If I was them I would choose to do both and that is why I chose to have an open adoption, because they are not me and have different thoughts and feelings. I am thankful I have provided them with the opportunity to be able to decide such things. They may feel like I felt when I was told about the DNA test; that they are a Bailey no matter what the blood test shows, or they make think differently. Whatever choices’ they make regarding the adoption issue, I just pray that we all remember whose children they really are and that is God’s.

2 thoughts on “GENEOLOGY

  1. Beautifully said. Jim’s maternal grandmother is big into geneology, and has traced their roots back to Charlamagne. They also have several ancestors who came over on the Mayflower and she and Aunt Jeanie are members of the DAR.

    Auntie was friendly with a cousin of ours who is researching our geneology, and I think on my mother’s side their are some relatives who came over on the Mayflower. My dad’s were straight off the boat at Ellis Island.


  2. You are truly your Mother’s daughter, and what you have said is so true. Names are only names, it is the love and closeness of Family that is important. Your Mom would agree with this most of all!! Hope you and family are well. Our love and blessings to all, Doreen and Ernie.

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