Last night I got used as a human pacifier. When people ask about my sleep, I’ve been quick to say that I can’t complain because I can count on at least a five and a half-hour stretch of sleep if not longer, then a quick feeding and back down until I get up a little after 6:00. Our record is currently 8 hours, which happened this past Sunday night. Maria must have heard this and thought it was time to mix things up a bit. She started to squirm and fuss around 1:45 am. Since patting wasn’t working, I pulled her into bed thinking she just needed some cuddling. She quickly started to act as if she wanted to nurse, so I went ahead and her have a turn at the buffet. She camped out for the next 20 minutes or so gulping and smacking her lips like she was tearing through some fried chicken or ribs. I placed her back in the co-sleeper and went back to sleep. Grant woke around 3:30, which is pretty normal, and since Maria had already had a turn, I went ahead and let him nurse in bed. On a normal night, I take both to the couch where they can eat at the same time. I naively thought that Maria would stay asleep the rest of the night. Not so. Grant quietly nursed and went back to sleep and no sooner had I gone to sleep was she grunting and doing her “Stevie Wonder” moves. I pulled her back into bed and she decided it that the buffet needed to reopen. Again, the loud barnyard feeding took place and Jeremy groaned as he tried to cover his ears. After about 30 minutes of this, she took a breath long enough for me to pry her away. I adjusted my alarm to allow for about 20 more minutes of sleep and prayed to go back to sleep. My alarm sounded at 6:40 and I managed to get myself ready and have breakfast before the natives woke. When I went in our room to get them, Maria cracked me up because despite what seemed like an all night feeding frenzy, she was awake and smiley with her hair standing straight up. She must have known that she needed to be extra cute this morning because I was not exactly well rested. Hopefully, last night was a fluke and we can go back to our predictable nighttime routine this weekend. As for now, I told my co-workers that if they hear my head hit the desk to make sure I’m not bleeding and then leave me alone.

Maria was very pleased with her herself this morning.

2 thoughts on “THE HUMAN PACIFIER

  1. A girl has got to acknowledge her needs, don’t you know. Lucky for Maria that you are so handy to grant her wishes. It’s fun to be a parent, isn’t it!

  2. Maria and Grant get sweeter every time I see them. You are amazing girl, I would be pulling my hair out!!! I can’t believe they are getting so big. Just precious!

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